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Capo Boi in Sardinia, how wonderful!


A wonderful spectacle of nature in the heart of south-eastern Sardinia, this is Capo Boi. If you are on vacation in Villasimius it is a mandatory destination!

Do you want a nice boat trip? Are you on holiday in the south-east of Sardinia, Capo Boi intrigues you? Well, then head to the small harbor of Villasimius and, if you do not have a boat of your own, rely on one of the many sea-side excursion services present at the various docks. Once at your destination, a breathtaking sight will open before your eyes, a rocky promontory covered with thick vegetation and surrounded by hidden coves and white sandy beaches. Reefs that gently thin out in a crystalline sea with a blue color, typical of Sardinia.

Capo Boi in Sardinia, how to get there?

Taking the provincial road 17 from Cagliari to Villasimius, after about 35 kilometers there is another of the pearls on the south-eastern coast of Sardinia Capo Boi. A promontory with a fund of rocks and rocks of various sizes, located in the Gulf of Cagliari, east of the capital, between Solanas and Porto Sa Ruxi. The numerous beaches and coves can be reached by sea with their own boats or with excursion services departing from the port of Villasimius.

Capo Boi, Sardinia seen from the sea

You never get used to the beauty in Sardinia, Capo Boi is the proof. Arriving by boat from the tourist harbor of Villasimius, the spectacle that nature offers in this corner of paradise is without equal:

  • The beaches: all around, the promontory is framed by white sandy beaches and more hidden rocky inlets.
  • Vegetation: the promontories and cliffs that make up Capo Boi are covered by dense vegetation in which we find all the typical species of the Mediterranean scrub.
  • The sea: the transparency of the waters is typical of Sardinia, like its color that changes from emerald green to turquoise blue. The stretch of sea around this suggestive promontory is part of the Marine Protected Area of ​​Capo Carbonara, which, with its regulations, protects the rich ecosystem of flora and fauna.

To watch over this corner of Sardinia, stands the tower of Capo Boi, one of the many sighting towers built by the Spaniards to defend the coast from Saracen attacks.

Il mare di Capoi Boi in Sardegna

Capo Boi Sardinia breathtaking

Capo Boi and southern Sardinia never stop to fascinate. At each kilometer there is a different and always suggestive scenario. Accomplices the pristine sea, rich in protected fauna species; the coasts that wind and sea shape in a thousand different ways, ensuring the landscape a variety difficult to find in other places; the vegetation rich in endemic species that includes plants such as myrtle, juniper, eucalyptus, among others. Sardinia is the ideal place for relaxing holidays and in addition to enjoying the sun and the sea, compulsory rituals on holiday, and slowing down the daily rhythms, it is worth getting up from the deckchair and going to the discovery of an island that , with its naturalistic and landscape views, will not fail to leave you speechless.


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