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The beach of Cala Regina, a paradise of the sub


The beach of Cala Regina is one of the wildest beaches in southern Sardinia. Framed by rocks covered with Mediterranean scrub, it is dominated by a Spanish watch tower, the tower of Cala Regina.

At 27 kilometers east of Cagliari, in the Terramala area, in the municipality of Quartu Sant’Elena, there is Cala Regina beach.
An enchanting rocky inlet that, with its accentuated colors, is rather barren. Its walls overlooking the sea, covered by the typical vegetation of the Mediterranean, are dominated by a Spanish watchtower, the tower of Cala Regina. Totally without services, it is average crowded during the summer. Its waters, iridescent blue, are particularly loved by those who practice underwater fishing.

Cala Regina, how to get there?

To enjoy the beauty of this beach, you must necessarily take the car. If, however, you intend to turn Sardinia in a camper, it is a highly recommended stop. Taking the Provincial Road 17, the coastal road that from Cagliari leads to Flumini di Quartu, direction Villasimius, you get to the beach of Cala Regina. After passing the car park or camper parking area, a cove opens up, surrounded by rocky walls, dominated by a Spanish watchtower, the homonymous tower of Cala Regina. The promontory on which the tower stands, as well as the whole rock face, is covered by a thick vegetation whose species can be traced back to the Mediterranean scrub: there are a strong presence of eucalyptus and pine trees. The rocks, besides giving the bay a very suggestive aspect, shelter this stretch of coast from the mistral winds.

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Cala Regina, a colorful painting

The characteristics of Cala Regina’s beach give it a rather wild appearance:

  • The rocks: the cove is framed by rocks that, among other things, protect it from the mistral winds.
  • Beach: is surrounded by rocks, while in the middle you walk on pebbles of various sizes that reach the sea. Once you enter the water, a few steps and the pebbles give way to a medium and amber-colored sand.
  • The sea: in this stretch of coast the color that prevails is the blue in all its nuances, a color that we find often in Sardinia. The seabed, even at this point on the coast, is quite low.
  • Vegetation: the entire rocky dune and the promontory are covered by a thick vegetation typical of the Mediterranean, with a prevalence of pines and eucalyptus.

Elements that together create a strong picture: the green of the vegetation, the brown of the ground and the blue of the sea.

Cala Regina is the ideal place to practice  underwater fishing

cala regina sardegna snorkeling

Unlike many other beaches in Sardinia, the beach of Cala Regina, during the summer months is average crowded. At the entrance has a parking lot for cars and a square suitable for campers. If you want to stop in this inlet, in fact, it is convenient that you get equipped as the beach does not have any type of service. The most loyal visitors to this beach are mostly those who love scuba fishing or even those who, more simply, are fond of snorkeling.

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