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The beach of Genn’e Mari, the door to the sea


On the eastern side of the Cagliari’s Gulf, between the beach of Mari Pintau and Capo Boi, stands a promontory with a rounded profile. A large terrace overlooked by an enchanting bay: Torre delle Stelle. We are halfway between the municipalities of Maracalagonis and Sinnai. On both sides of the promontory there are enchanting inlets: Cann’e Sisa and the beach of Genn’e Mari. Two bands of white sand that gently thin out towards the clear and uncontaminated sea, characteristic of Sardinia. Torre delle Stelle is one of the favorite destination of Cagliari’s habitants that, in fact, own most of the villas built in the area.

The beach of Genn'e Mari

How to get there

The beach is one of the two beaches that line the promontory, on which the Torre delle Stelle bay extends. To get there take the provincial road 17, which connects Cagliari to Villasimius and, once you have passed the small promontory of Baccu Mandara, you will find signs for Torre delle Stelle. The first beach on the west side is Cann’e Sisa, while beyond the promontory there is Genn’e Mari oriented towards Villasimius. At the top of the promontory you can admire the ‘Torre de su Fenugu’.

The beach of Genn’e Mari and the charm of Torre delle Stelle

Located between the beach of Pintau and Capo Boi, Genn’e Mari, which means “gateway to the sea”, deserved to be visited. Why choose it? Let’s find out together

  • it is very pleasant to walk on its seashore that consists of white sand with golden reflections, as in most of the beaches on the coast west of Capo Carbonara. The grain is of medium size.
  • It is the perfect place to enjoy a well deserved relax after a year of work. The bay, in fact, is bordered by two promontories covered by thick vegetation, made of juniper and myrtle bushes.
  • How not to enjoy the sea of ​​Sardinia? Its transparency and its typical emerald green color make it one of the most beautiful seas in Italy. The seabed, in some places, is low and sandy. Suitable for bathrooms in all tranquility.

The beach of Genn’e Mari: an easily accessible destination

The beach of Genn’e Mari and Cann’e Sisa are very similar even if the latter has a richer vegetation, with its thick pinewood of Mediterranean scrub. Both beaches are very popular in the summer months, thanks to the presence of services. It is in fact possible to rent, as well as pedal boats and skates, also umbrellas, sunbeds and deck chairs, directly on the beach, and take advantage of a kiosk bar. Nearby, however, there is no shortage of dining options. Cann’a Sisa also has a small berth for boats. In addition, both beaches are easily accessible from the town.

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