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Punta Molentis, Sardinia as adv spot

Among the beaches of the south-eastern coast of Sardinia, Punta Molentis is certainly the most picturesque. It is a riot of colors and scents typical of this beautiful island, pearl of the Mediterranean. Not surprisingly, it was often chosen as a location for commercials.

If you’ve ever seen TV commercials, set on a beach, and wondered where they were set, be assured that, most likely, the location chosen was Punta Molentis in south-eastern Sardinia. An authentic corner of paradise where the white sand blends perfectly with the pink granite boulders, the remains of the ancient quarries of the surroundings, while the green of the Mediterranean scrub, which surrounds it dense, blends with the blue of the sky and the turquoise of the sea. The ideal setting for relaxing holidays.

Un asinello a Punta Molentis in Sardegna

Punta Molentis, picturesque Sardinia

Among the beaches of the south-east coast of Sardinia Punta Molentis is, undoubtedly, among the most picturesque. Starting from Villasimius, a municipality to which it belongs, take the panoramic road towards Castiadas and, just before arriving at Costa Rei, the road signs will lead you to your destination. Often chosen as a location for commercials, this beach, with an arched shape, is striking for the beauty of its colors and its perfumes: the white of the sand, the pink of the granite boulders that thin out towards the sea, the turquoise blue of the sea , the green of the vegetation. On the promontory to the side, from which you can admire a breathtaking view, there are the remains of an ancient Nuraghe, called, in fact, of Punta Molentis.

Sardinia to love

If you are among those who have chosen as a destination for their holidays the south-eastern coast of Sardinia, Punta Molentis is an unmissable stop. Its beauty will amaze you.

  • The waters of Punta Molentis are part of the Marine Protected Area of ​​Capo Carbonara. They are recognized for their turquoise blue color and their transparency that give particular prominence to the low and sandy seabed.
  • All around, the beach is framed by a thick vegetation, especially shrubs, due to the Mediterranean maquis species, and by cactuses which, with their flowers, give the bay a very lively touch, as well as a splendid perfume.
  • The beach has the shape of an arch and is bordered to the north by a small promontory and to the east by rocks. The fund consists mainly of white sand with very fine grain, with slight pink shades.
  • In this little corner of paradise, the spectacle of nature is completed by the presence of rabbits and waterfowl.

The name, of what we could call a sandy isthmus, derives from su molenti, the donkey. In fact, once the donkey was used as a means of transporting the material that was extracted from the granite quarries that are nearby.

Punta Molentis, Sardinia for relaxing holiday

In Sardinia Punta Molentis in particular, you can spend quiet and relaxing holidays. Because of its geographical position, it is quite protected from the winds, with the result that the atmosphere created in this small bay is really quiet. There is also the possibility to rent umbrellas, sunbeds, deck chairs and take advantage of the refreshment point on the beach.