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The beach of Simius, beautiful expanse of white sand

Where is located the Simius beach?

Nestled in the protected marine area of Capo Carbonara, established in 1999, Simius beach is located in the South East of Sardinia, between the beach of Is Traias and Timi Ama one, about 2 km from Villasimius.  The coast has the typical shape of a semicircle and begins with the Spanish Tower of  Porto Giunco to finish with the promontory of Porto Luna. In the background you can see the islands of Serpentara and Dei Cavoli.

Why choose Simius Beach?

The Simius beach is among the most popular in the area because it satisfies the tastes and needs of different types of tourists: families, especially those with young children, sports enthusiasts or those who simply want a break from the winter routine.
The beach is the closest to the town, so you don't have to take your car, you can easily reach on foot.
Its low and Sandy seabed is ideal for children to play safely and ensures their parents a happy holiday.
You can rent beach equipment, in order to spend on the beach all day long, and still rowing boats and canoes for short trips to sea. The Beach also has a food court and is accessible to tourists with reduced mobility.
Those who enjoy relaxing and healthy walks on the beach, will enjoy the long stretch of soft white sand beach of Simius.

If I love sport, can I choose Simius Beach?

Yes, of course! For those who want to experience the holidays alternating doing nothing with dynamism, this beach offers fun courses in wind and kite surfing or diving centers.
Don’t you prefer this type of activity and, at the same time, you don't want to miss the beauty of the bottom? In this case a spot of snorkelling is what you need. A few meters from the beach you can admire the marmore, glances and, occasionally, even monk seals, sea turtles and sperm whales. Heading towards Porto Giunco, you get to a shoal where lives a colony of triggerfish, a very friendly tropical fish species. Don't miss the excitement of seeing them eating out of your hands.

Simius beach for nature lovers

The colors and scents of Sardinia, the picturesque landscapes, the contact with the nature and occurrence of services make this region one of the most popular destinations for summer holidays. The beach of Simius is one of the largest and most equipped of the southeast coast. May be the right place for those who visit this region for the first time, and why not, the first stop of a journey to discover an island that collects pearls of rare beauty at every step.

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