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The Porto Sa Ruxi Beach, a tropical paradise

The south-eastern coast of Sardinia is generally characterized by a succession of long stretches of fine white sand, that gently thin out towards a clear and uncontaminated sea. From time to time, this place is so popular for summer holidays, reserve scenarios quite surprising, like the beach of Porto Sa Ruxi. Among the granite cliffs opens a bay, formed by three small beaches with rocky sides. It can be reached by passing suggestive sandy dunes covered with Mediterranean scrub. It will be pleasant to dive into its transparent sea with its typical turquoise color and enjoy the sun on this sandy shore.

At times, you will feel like you are on a tropical beach.

Porto Sa Ruxi Beach: what you will find

The beach of Porto Sa Ruxi, among those of the south-eastern coast of Sardinia, is a destination not to be missed. You can stay only a few hours, just to swim in its beautiful waters, or the whole day to enjoy the calm and tranquility that this bay reserves. In fact, it is possible to rent beach equipment (beach umbrellas, sunbeds, deck chairs, etc.) and stop at the refreshment point. If you want a swim in the open water, you can rent paddle boats and skates.

The beach of Porto Sa Ruxi: the bay with three arches

In the territory of Villasimius, a few steps from Capo Boi, we find the beach of Porto Sa Ruxi. The distinctive feature of this bay is its three-arched profile in which there are three smaller beaches. Its particular geological conformation, together with its geographical position, protects it from winds like the mistral. If you decide to enter this unique cove in the itinerary of your holidays, you will find a scenario of great suggestion.
  • The beach: coming from the state road, you have to cross beautiful sand dunes to get to the beach, which proceeds steeply to shore and is made of coarse sand mixed with rocks. To the east it is bounded by a cliff, while to the west by a rocky wall.
  • The sea: transparent, with a turquoise color, hosts a wide variety of flora and fauna. In fact, its waters are part of the Protected Area of ​​Capo Carbonara.
  • Vegetation: the sandy dunes at the beginning of the beach are covered by typical Mediterranean plants: large juniper and myrtle bushes.
The combination of these details gives the bay a tropical island appearance.

The beach of Porto Sa Ruxi, how to get there

Porto Sa Ruxi, belonging to the territory of Villasimius, is the first beach that people meet coming from Cagliari on the provincial road 17. After about 30 kilometers, after the town of Solanas and Capo Boi, just before the Campus beach, the signs lead to a dirt road and immediately after parking. From there, a few steps on foot and you get to the dunes. The territory of Villasimius has many beaches all very popular among the tourists, thanks to their suggestive beauty and easy accessibility.


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