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Kal'e Moru beach, a page of history

In the stretch of coast where, for over a thousand years, the Saracens have landed and have looted villages and tortured the population, lies one of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia's southern coast. The beach of  Kal'e Moru. The coast, very breezy, is a paradise for surfers, scuba diving and snorkeling. The low seabed and the presence of services make this beach a perfect destination also for family holidays.

Where is Kal'e Moru beach?

Kal'e Moru is located in the municipality of Quartu Sant'Elena, in the village of  Geremeas,

in the most Eastern part of the bay, between Mari Pintau e Marongiu beach, a few steps from the Park of Sette Fratelli. The name of this beach (literally "Saracen's landing") comes from the historical coincidence of the incursions of the Saracens who, for a long time raided on these shores, plundering the villages and torturing the people.

Kal'e Moru beach, a miracle of the nature that keeps happening

On an island like Sardinia, full of fascinating sights and breathtaking views, the beach of Kal'e Moru, with its mix of sea and greenery that creates a truly impressive show, is one of the most charming places of southern Sardinia.

  • The beach: is long almost three kilometers and is surrounded by rocks. Its bottom is of coarse-grained sand and a color ranging from white to gold.
  • The sea: is a crystal mirror that begins with emerald green to become turquoise gradually as the water depth increases. The seabed is low and sandy, even in this part of the coast.
  • The vegetation: at the West end, with a short walk from the Park of Sette Fratelli, the beach ends in a promontory on which climbs a luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation.

If you a surfer, you will be pleased to know that the area is well windy and that welcomes every year lot of people who share your same passion. If you practice spearfishing, carry the necessary equipment, again you'll be in good company. If you are not fond of this kind of sport, you can enjoy  with a spot of snorkelling.

Kal'e Moru beach, a paradise for families

Kal'e Moru beach, for its beauty and livability, is very crowded, especially during peak season, even by families. In this long spit of beach there are various establishments, where you can rent beach equipment necessary to spend whole days enjoying the sun and sea. The low seabed is ideal for children. You can rent pedal boats and canoes for funny trips or to keep fit while on holiday. Anyone who owns a boat or dinghy, will also find a storage. There are also several refreshment stands. Near the main road there are a mini market and a bar-tobacco shop too.

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