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The Park of Sette Fratelli, oasis in the South-East of Sardinia

The Park of Sette Fratelli, the perfect destination for nature lovers

If you are keen on trekking, or mountain biking, the Park of Sette Fratelli is the place for you. A green area located in the South-East of Sardinia, with its lush flora, will guarantee you an authentic contact with nature. The meeting with rare species of local fauna will give you great emotions and, once at the top, there will be breathtaking.

Then hurry up and let's go to the discovery of this naturalistic OASIS named Sette Fratelli Park by seven peaks that stand out in its territory. One of the most fascinating place in Sardinia, which knows how to combine nature and history.

The Sette Fratelli Park, let's give some numbers!

The area of Sette Fratelli Park extends over ten thousand hectares of forest. Includes the eponymous State forest and the forest of Monte Genis.
It includes nine municipalities: Burchi, Castiadas, Quartu Sant'Elena, Quartucciu, San Vito, Marcalagonis, Ninnai, Villasalto and Villasimius.
The mountain range consists of seven peaks.
Three of these reliefs reach one thousand meters: Mount Genis (979), the massif of Serpeddì (1067) while Punta Cexara reaches 1016 meters. 

What to see in the Park of Sette Fratelli?

The Park of Sette Fratelli is a complex ecosystem, with many endemics.
You stroll surrounded by cork oaks, junipers, Alders and Oaks, Arbutus trees, Myrtle and Heather. At lower altitudes, instead, broom, thyme, lavender, oleanders, willows. This lush vegetation hides, here and there, Nuraghe, Neolithic villages and the ruins of a convent.
Observing a certain silence, you can meet rabbits, wild boar, martens, wild cats, deer and mouflons, the typical Sardinian breeds.
The forest of Mont Genis, then, is ideal for birdrwatching lovers, who can "catch" hawks, barn owls and hoopoe.
The oasis Sette Fratelli is also interesting from a geological point of view.
Its spires and towers of granite rock testify to the prolonged action of the wind.
Among jumps rock and gorges, such as Baccu Anigiulus or Gorge of Rio Picocca, the arch of Angel shows up, a natural monument in pink granite. From here the view extends from the Valley of Castiadas, the pond of Colostrum and the Campidano of Cagliari. 
Passing through the Fra'Conti cave, the legendary retreat of a hermit, on Stumpu and Giumpau and sa Grutta ' e sa Pipia (cave of the little girl), you get to the top where really suggestive panoramas, topped by golden eagles, peregrine falcons and goshawks, typical raptors in Sardinia.
In winter is particularly impressive look at the blanketed snow peaks of the Sette Fratelli.

The Park of Sette Fratelli for everyone

This Park among the mountains of Sette fratelli, very popular with hikers and mountain bikers, is more easily accessible through trails that make it easier to reach the landmarks.
At the visit point you can have all the information you need to enjoy the most of the wonders of the Park.
In the locality of Maidopis a botanical garden is accessible to blind people, thanks to a path with rope handrail that accompanies visitors along the route.




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