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If you love the beach and the sea, IL MONASTERO is the perfect holiday destination, surrounded by mountains but only 600 meters from the big beach of “Kala e Moru”, that for several years has beed awarded the ‘Blue Flag’ for its clean shore and transparent waters.

More than 3 Km of public beach, where you can choose among several almost isolated areas to spend the day relaxing, and other areas where you can practice water sports.

If you don’t mind driving a bit then you can visit the dozen of wonderful beaches and coves that are in a 20km radius from the Il MONASTERO hotel and can be reached in a 20 minutes drive: you will be able to admire a succession of small beaches and coves, all public. You will be speechless before the pristine nature, the transparent waters, and the hue of colors that create a natural work of art.

All the beaches are public and feature bars, equipment rentals and diving centers.
  • Cala Regina

    Cala Regina beach:

    The sea bottom of Cala Regina beach has cobble stones and rocks. Its waters are bright blue. The cove is dominated by a Spanish watchtower on a promontory that falls sheer into the sea, covered in Mediterranean maquis, with eucalyptus and pine trees.

    The beach has a small parking lot. It is especially popular among spearfishing enthusiasts.

    The beach is only a 5 minutes drive away from the hotel.

  • Kale e Moru and surrounding beaches

    Kal’e Moru…a beautiful bay for you to discover:

    Kal’e Moru beach is about 600 meters from the hotel and is easily accessible on foot. 3 Km of public beach with white sand and crystal clear waters.

    The beach is equipped with a kiosk-bar and a small restaurant, and you can rent beach umbrellas and loungers in the beach resort, thanks to an agreement with the Il Monastero Hotel. Perfect for families with children.

    Beyond Kala e Moru beach, Geremeas bay consists of Baccu Mandara and Marongiu beach.

    The bay is an excellent surfing spot. Ideal for kite surfing and wave surfing. As for kite surfing, this is quite a challenging spot, of medium difficulty, with three different winds, the Libeccio, Mistral and Ponente.

  • Mari Pintau Beach

    Mari Pintau… the painted sea:

    Mari Pintau means ‘painted sea’, and the waters of this small beach offer a truly spectacular hue of colors, thanks to the crystal clear waters encased in the Mediterranean maquis.

    The water is emerald green and it reflects the granite cobble stones that form the small inlet sheltered by junipers, mastic and strawberry trees typical of the Sardinian maquis.

    The sea here is quite shallow and the bottom is covered in fantastic thin sand.

    On the right side, there is a popular spot for gays, LGBT and nudists. The beach is equipped with a kiosk-bar and a small restaurant, and you can rent beach umbrellas and loungers. Perfect for families with children. The beach can be reached by car in 3 minutes, or 15 minutes on foot.

  • Marine Protected Area, Villasimius

    The Villasimius Marine Park:

     Only 20 Km away you can find the town of Villasimius, with its white beaches and Marine Park. Crystal clear waters and fascinating landscapes: these are the characteristics of the Capo Carbonara Marine Protected Area, in Villasimius.

    A strip of land that stretches from Villasimius all the way to the sea, and includes Capo Boi and Punta Porceddus, the coastline in front of the Serpentara Island and Cavoli Island.

    Created in 1998, the Protected Marine Area features granite rocks, green pine forests and a thick Mediterranean maquis. Here is one of Sardinia’s most fascinating natural attraction: Notteri Pond, separated from the sea by a thin stretch of land, natural habitat of flamingos, seagulls, manx shearwaters and gray partridges.

    The beaches around the Capo Carbonara promontory feature very bright sand: this is due to the quartz crystals, which can be found also in the coves between Capo Boi and Campu Longu.

    The sea bottom is rich in greater amberjack, tuna and barracudas: this tropical specie has chosen to settle in these Southern waters. Around Serpentara you can find dolphins, while in the waters of the Secca di Santa Caterina, 10 meters below the surface, is the statue of the Madonna del Naufragio, by the Sardinian sculptor Pinuccio Sciola.

    The Il Monastero Hotel organizes boat tours of the Protected Marine area, or in the beaches along the coast, starting from Kala e Moru beach, just outside the Hotel.