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Starting from IL MONASTERO and driving along the road eastward or westward, the visitor will find a succession of small white sandy coves and waters of a thousand colors, then big pristine beaches, starting with Kala e Moru beach, awarded the “Blue Flag” by the EU for the quality of its sand and waters. This beach is the area’s crown jewel and the favorite destination for thousands of tourists from all over the world, with its 2km of white sandy shore.

In this area there are also relics of past eras, such as the ‘Domus de janas’, small funerary caves of the neolithic era 6000-3500 a.C., the Tombs of Giants and the Cixilianu Nuraghe.

Furthermore, there are numerous towers and fortifications along the coast, built by the Spanish between 1500 and 1600, among which the Capo Boi tower and the Old Fortress.

Only 20 Km East on the coastal road you will reach the center of Villasimius, where the Marine Park is located. Here you can take a boat tour or try the amazing experience of diving, or simply visit the famous beaches and coves of the coast. Along with Ustica, this is the only exclusively marine park in Italy.
It stretches all along the Villasimius coastal basin, including the islands, and each area has a different level of protection and control.

There are areas of total protection to preserve the most important sea bottoms. Complying with the different levels of protection and control, in all areas it is possible to swim, practice recreational fishing, underwater photography and diving excursions But Geremeas does not mean only wonderful beaches: it is also the entry point to the “Sette Fratelli” Natural Park where you can delve into the magnificent forest of holm oak, cork oak trees, mastic, strawberry trees and oleanders, and numerous other species of Mediterranean maquis.

At the center of the park are the peaks of ‘Sette Fratelli’, originated from erosion. The highest peak is Punta Ceraxa, reaching 1016 m. Inside the park is a plant nursery and a protected wildlife area for deer. Recently another protected area has been created near Punta Ceraxa for mouflons.

Not only nature: this area is also full of night clubs, restaurants, pizzerias and discos that make it one of the most popular destination among young people, attracted by the vibrant nightlife.
Only 25 Km from Geremeas, driving along the coastal road westward, there is Cagliari, regional capital of Sardinia, where you will be spoiled for choice of activities.

You can choose among many shopping centers or visit the historical neighborhood of the “Marina” in front of the port of Cagliari, where you will find a number of small shops. You can also visit the historical neighborhood “Castello”, nestled on the highest part of Cagliari, either visiting its many monuments or just strolling around its narrow streets with unique views; Don’t miss the Cathedral, the Church of Bonaria, the Roman amphitheater, the Citadel of Museums, the botanical garden, the Castle of San Michele…….you are truly spoiled for choice!!